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Ashley Newton, MPS, PMP

Ashley Newton, MPS, PMP is Director of the Center for Clinical Excellence. Ashley, along with her colleague Frank Stevens, PhD, VP for Informatics, will be leading the Center for Clinical Excellence team as it continues its work to develop research-based care models & provide training & technical assistance to Centerstone operations’ efforts to implement care models & excel in new value based care environments.

Ashley joined Centerstone in 2006 and has first-hand experience in what it takes to be an excellent case manager, team leader, trainer, and supervisor. She has helped develop and launch several clinical care models in the past before coming to CCE – including a Mobile Therapy model for higher risk clients, a high fidelity ACRA-ACC addictions care for adolescents and transitional-aged youth, and refining outreach and engagement protocols in Children’s Case Management.  Since joining the CCE team, she has lead the development & launch of the Centerstone Addictions Care Model.

Ashley is an experienced project manager & has obtained the highest certification for project management, her PMP since joining the CCE team. Her experience in community mental health & her skills in project management, clinical model development, and research-based team management make her a unique fit for this role.

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