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Client’s Success

Our clients have been encouraged by their accomplishments. Here’s what they had to say:

  • D.F. lost 10 lbs and quit smoking for 1 week.
  • C.C. very motivated. Mood getting better. Now knows how to use exercise equipment.
  • A.M. high risk pregnancy, caught low O2 level in regular visit & helped her get to ER in time.
  • C.W. has shoes he can walk in now & shorts to exercise.
  • Wheelchair bound 600lb client now walks from living room to bedroom to see Fitbit’s go up.
  • Member with DV situation got safe housing after brother
  • D.F. Carbon Monoxide has gone from a 60 to a 15.
  • S.S. lost 3 lbs, has a Y membership now & workout clothes.
  • S.C. now has pots and pans and a cookbook so she can cook.
  • T.S. home bound went out for lunch with coach for first time in years. New walker.
  • 1 client scared to use CPAP due to not being able to hear intruders is using it now due to a healthbucks door & window alarm.
  • 1 client now clean for 45 days.
  • 1 client now in Seeking Safety (trauma informed addiction care)