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Client Quotes

What our clients have to say about coactionHealth

From IN clients

Male, 56: “I’ve used [Ginger.io] 22 days straight! I have learned how to use the technology, learning and getting educated, it’s helped me health-wise, kept me motivated”

Female, 34: “Ginger.io, that’s really good, HIPAA chat is really nice too, a couple times they called me because I wasn’t doing so well a couple weeks ago and they wanted to see if I’m okay because the ginger.io survey said I didn’t feel well, so they HIPAA chatted me within a couple hours which is so helpful.”

Female, 24: “I liked the daily surveys that ask you how you feel, and stuff that’s nice because I can tell them how I’m really feeling everyday and if you have anxiety tell them why. I haven’t had anxiety for awhile now.”

Female, 48: [In response to the question “What about the coactionHealth program has helped you most?”]  “Just the daily questions, I think. And having [my wellness coach] around has really helped.”

From TN clients

[In response to the question “What about the coactionHealth program has helped you most?]

Female, 55: “The care and concern, and the daily surveys” “The surveys they’re encouraging me, continually helps”

Female, 29: “People calling me making sure I’m okay when I wasn’t having a good day, that made me feel special and like I’m wanted” “with the surveys if I’m having a bad day Landen will call and help me through it, it’s easier to say “I’m having a bad day” that way than speak it. I’ve never had that before; I’ve tried to commit suicide before because in my mind I didn’t have someone who cared. If someone checks on you 5 minutes before killing yourself it helps”