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CRI Launches Services to Help Organizations Track, Measure and Leverage Data

Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) has announced the launch of two new products, OutcomeSolutions and Evaluation Services. Using the expertise and 70 collective years of experience, CRI’s team of evaluators provides organizations with “low touch” or “high touch” solutions to their program evaluation needs. Both of these offerings are designed to help organizations track, measure, analyze and report on the impact and effectiveness of their programs and initiatives. Through these services, CRI can help organizations measure critical program outcomes, maximize reimbursement for services and justify new or continued grant funding, while improving overall value and satisfaction for patients.

“Measuring outcomes can benefit an organization in many ways. Data that reflects the outcomes of services can help provide leverage when seeking higher reimbursement rates, critical information for operational decision-making, justification for continued or additional funding as well as provide insight into how to market organizational successes,” said CRI Vice President of Research and Evaluation Kathryn Mathes, PhD. “CRI’s aim is to help organizations reclaim recognition for the significance and value of behavioral healthcare through outcomes measurement with the idea of ultimately positioning organizations for higher reimbursement rates.”

CRI provides comprehensive, tailored solutions for each individual program and focuses on converting data into information that can be used to guide implementation and inform decision making. CRI has an extensive history in providing evaluation services to more than 60 government agencies, community behavioral health centers, schools and non-profit organizations. CRI’s Evaluation Services team can provide a “low touch” solution where an FTP (file transfer protocol) website is used to securely upload program data. CRI cleans, maintains, analyzes and interprets the data to create accessible reports that satisfies federal funding agencies as well as provides basic program impact information. CRI’s “high touch” solution walks the entire program evaluation journey with organizations from conceptualization, to evaluation planning and implementation, high-level statistical analysis and comprehensive reporting to include journal publications. CRI’s evaluation approaches include impact evaluation, evaluations for program improvement, participatory and empowerment evaluation and evaluation capacity building. Research and analytics solutions provided by CRI’s Evaluation Services include the following:

  • Evaluation planning;
  • Logic Model development;
  • Focus group coordination and facilitation;
  • Questionnaire design; and
  • Online survey implementation

Outcome Solutions is another new product and was developed with the changing healthcare environment in mind. Quality and outcome measures are becoming more and more commonplace within the behavioral healthcare industry, particularly as the healthcare system shifts from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance. OutcomeSolutions executes a simple outcome measurement strategy that can improve patient care, increase patient satisfaction, help bring value to patients and provide justification for higher reimbursement rates. CRI makes follow-up calls to a statistically valid sample of patients, collects data that answers critical questions, cleans, securely maintains and analyzes patient responses to provide organizations with multi-purpose information that can be immediately used. It is among the first of its kind to tailor evaluation and analytical services to small and midsized organizations and represents a cost-effective method for gathering and analyzing patient and practice data. OutcomeSolutions provides an innovative way for organizations to seamlessly measure outcomes without any interruption in their workflow or productivity. CRI handles all data collection, maintenance and analysis through a secure and non-burdensome process, allowing doctors, clinicians, therapists and staff to concentrate on what they do best: care for patients.

“The healthcare industry’s shift towards value-based care has placed a great emphasis on providing the best possible treatment with the lowest possible cost of care,” said Tom Doub, PhD, chief executive officer at CRI. “Our evaluation services help organizations address both sides of this value ratio—which is outcomes over costs—by closely examining what is or isn’t working in their programs and using data to make informed decisions on how to make it better.”

For more information on Evaluation Services and OutcomeSolutions, visit www.centerstoneresearch.org/evaluation/.

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