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Knowledge Network

In 2008, Centerstone Research Institute launched the Knowledge Network. In these past five years, the Knowledge Network has built a strong foundation for accelerating breakthroughs in behavioral health.

The Impact – The Knowledge Network has:

  • introduced consecutive bills in Congress to extend behavioral health IT to community mental health centers. We have created tools to educate providers about an underutilized, research-based treatment for schizophrenia and have disseminated them nationally in an effort to save the lives of patients we have never met.
  • collaborated with academic and industry investigators to pilot cutting-edge treatment approaches for behavioral healthcare.
  • created the largest store of community mental health data in the US, which has now grown to include data from over 350,000 patients, 20 million service records, 2 million prescriptions, and many other categories that can be used to drive research-based practice in mental healthcare. The potential for us to learn from this resource and implement data-driven care that creates prosperity for providers and patients is limitless.

The Knowledge Network – The Early Days
By working across the US to bridge the divide between cutting-edge research and clinical care, The Knowledge Network helps create a reality for patients that inspires hope in the midst of despair. Founded by CRI, The Knowledge Network is a national collaborative of academic researchers, mental healthcare providers, policymakers, and industry leaders that is committed to dialogue and action in an effort to reduce the disparity between today’s healthcare reality and tomorrow’s cures.

Despite all of the advancements in mental health treatment and technology, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and RAND, 70%-80% of people seeking mental health treatment receive the wrong care. With 33 million Americans seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment annually, approximately 26 million Americans are not receiving the best, most effective care for their mental health needs. The mission of the Knowledge Network is to eliminate this delay in bringing cutting-edge treatments to standard patient care settings, so patients receive the best, most effective care possible.

Our Goal Continues
The goal of The Knowledge Network is to promote the use of empirically proven treatments in community-based behavioral healthcare settings in order to bridge the gap between research and practice. Through the efforts of the four work groups, community behavioral health providers participate in academic research, improve the quality and cost effectiveness of behavioral healthcare by impacting federal policy priorities, connect with other CMHCs that are devoted to providing research-based care, and create and distribute technological and educational tools that increase the implementation of research-based care in behavioral healthcare settings.