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News Archives: 2013

CRI CEO Tom Doub Interview in Mental Health Weekly Magazine
December 2013
“With payment methodologies shifting from fee-for-service toward outcomes-based population management in many states, doors are opening for creative solutions to improve care. We only have to look at other industries currently being transformed by mobile and web-based technologies and crowdsourcing to reimagine our concept of service delivery,” according to Tom Doub.

The Real Power of Data Lies in Different Sources
October 2013
For the first day of IBM’s Information on Demand 2013 event in Las Vegas, the CUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante continued the series of interviews CRI’s CEO, Tom Doub

CRI secures funding for Centerstone related initiatives and evaluation services
November, 2013
1. Centerstone lands $840K grant
2. Centerstone receives grant for online substance abuse treatment

CRI Presents at mHealth Summit
November, 2013
mHealth Summit – The largest event of its kind, the 5th annual mHealth Summit brings together leaders in government, the private sector, industry, academia, providers and not-for-profit organizations from across the mHealth ecosystem to advance collaboration in the use of wireless technology to improve health outcomes in the United States and abroad. CRI is excited to announce two presentations at the upcoming mHealth Summit on December 8th through 11th in Washington, DC. Please join the dialogue now by responding to the post “A Behavioral Health System Without Walls” post with your comments.

Netsmart to Facilitate Statewide Data Analysis Program for Florida Council for Community Mental Health
Unique initiative designed to utilize statewide de-identified data to track trends and improve healthcare outcomes
November, 2013
Netsmart and the Florida Council for Community Mental Health (FCCMH) today announced a first-of-a-kind initiative to enable FCCMH to analyze aggregate de-identified data from its provider members statewide and identify cost, productivity and outcomes in real time. Each participating FCCMH member organization will have an opportunity to submit de-identified data to the Council where it will be analyzed with Enlighten Analytics

CRI Presents at 27th Annual American Evaluation Association Conference
October, 2013
CRI announced that it will present at Evaluation 2013, the 27th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association. The event is being held Oct. 16-19, 2013, at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C.

CRI Joins HIMSS Media Group as a Strategic Affiliate
October, 2013
CRI has joined HIMSS Media Group as a Strategic Affiliate for the 2013 mHealth Summit, the largest global conference and expo focused on the intersection of mobile/wireless and healthcare delivery. The Summit will run December 8-11, 2013 at the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center, in the Washington, D.C. area.

Using Technology to Drive Delivery Changes in Behavioral Health
October, 2013
Wayne Easterwood, chief information officer for CRI, said both consumers and providers see the promise technology offers to enhance healthcare. Consumers, he said, are asking, “How could this help improve the frustrating pain points of how we engage in healthcare?” On the other side, providers are wondering, “How can it make my work more efficient? How can I connect with my patients more regularly?”

CRI Milestone: Enlighten Analytics® exceeds 1/2 million distinct consumers 
October, 2013

Centerstone Brings Big Data to Behavioral Health Care
October, 2013
The Nashville Business Journal recently interviewed Tom Doub for a profile on CRI’s Enlighten Analytics as a tool for big data in behavioral healthcare.

CRI Announces Knowledge Network Summit Fall 2013
September, 2013
CRI is pleased to announce that Jeff Hammerbacher, co-founder of Cloudera, will join the conversation about how ‘big data’ is poised to impact the field of mental healthcare at the Fall 2013 Knowledge Network Summit. Prior to co-founding Cloudera, Jeff (@hackingdata) conceived, built, and led the Data team at Facebook. The Data team was responsible for inventing and building powerful data analysis applications on Hadoop. That system is the core data platform at Facebook for improving the user experience and driving revenue. Before he joined Facebook, Jeff worked as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Harvard University.

Enlighten Analytics Recognized by CARF
July, 2013
CRI’s business intelligence platform acknowledged with second consecutive exemplary commendation from international accreditation organization.

Blog by CRI CEO Tom Doub featured in Behavioral Healthcare Magazine
Is it time for a Datapalooza in behavioral health? 
June, 2013
Think for a moment about the impact of the federal government releasing National Weather Service data in the early 70s, or GPS satellite tracking data in the 90s. Those actions spurred the development of multibillion dollar industries and conveniences that we as consumers rely on every day.

Blog by CRI CEO Tom Doub 
Rethinking psychiatric diagnosis on the eve of DSM-5: A new paradigm for NIMH

May, 2013
In pursuing this bold research, NIMH must be willing to consider more research of an exploratory nature.

CRI embraces artificial intelligence for clinical decision-making
Finding new ways to reduce the cost of care and improve patient outcomes with Big Data analytics
May, 2013
“With our expertise in Big Data management, and IBM’s leading-edge analytics technologies, we’re well positioned to help shift the paradigm for mental health services.” – Tom Doub, CEO, Centerstone Research Institute.

Blog by CRI CEO Tom Doub
Should Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect be part of your treatment team?
April, 2013
Emerging research suggests that a new software program called “SimSensei” may be able to use facial cues and body language to detect depression using Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect. … This is currently an active area of research in several academic centers around the world, and computers have long been effective in recognizing human emotion. This work has significant implications for behavioral health as we begin to think about how to more effectively leverage technology solutions to provide better care.

Predictive Modeling Used to Create Customized Treatment Plans Improving Patient Compliance
April, 2013
“By becoming more data-driven, we’ve strengthened our ability to adapt to the direction that we see behavioral healthcare going in and, more importantly, our ability to provide the best outcomes for our patients,” as noted by CRI CEO Tom Doub.

Knowledge Network Summit 2013 – Highlights
April, 2013
Centerstone Research Institute held the Knowledge Network Summit at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Summit’s theme focused on personalized medicine and wellness within the context of health care policy.

Blog by CRI CEO Tom Doub
Artificial Intelligence in behavioral healthcare: Improving care and reducing cost

March, 2013
“The challenge we face is reengineering behavioral healthcare’s delivery model to figure out how to appropriately integrate the benefits of artificial intelligence with the power of a healing therapeutic relationship,” said Dr. Tom Doub.

David Ayer to Spearhead Indiana Operations
March, 2013
Centerstone Research Institute (CRI), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving behavioral healthcare through research and information technology, today announced that its Director of Clinical Research, David Ayer, Ph.D., has relocated from Nashville, Tenn., to CRI’s offices in Bloomington, Ind., to head up the organization’s operations there.

The Shield of Care accepted to SPRC Best Practice Registry
March, 2013
The Shield of Care – a juvenile-justice suicide-prevention gatekeeper program that was developed and copyrighted by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS) along with Centerstone Research Institute and others – was recently accepted to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s (SPRC’s) Best Practice Registry (BPR), which is a collaborative effort with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Can Computers Save Healthcare? CRI and IU Research Shows Lower Costs, Better Outcomes
March, 2013
Data architect and research fellow with CRI, Casey Bennett, and IU computer science assistant professor Kris Hauser’s recent research has uncovered that the same computer science discipline that helped create voice recognition systems, self-driving cars and credit card fraud detection systems can drastically improve both the cost and quality of health care in the United States.

CRI Announces Board of Directors
February, 2013
CRI has announced its 2013-14 Board of Directors. Full article at The Tennesseean.

CRI Promotes Four
February, 2013
Centerstone Research Institute today announced that it has promoted four of its professionals.

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